Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vin Diesel Body Workout Routine

Ever wonder how Vin Diesel get his excellent body?

First of all, He used to be a bouncer which mean that He already got his abs before He become an actor. So you need to understand that he has been working out since early age, you don't want to start training now and in the next three month your body become like Vin Diesel. It just not possible. But for the next couple year then it is possible.

Anyway not many people how vin diesel work out routine look like, but here what I thought of His exercise:

Day one:

Chest - Flat Bench Press for 3-4 sets (2x Warm up 1-2x Working sets) with 8-12 Reps followed with incline dumbell press with also 3-4 sets same as above.

Triceps - Close Grip Bench Press for 2-4 sets (1-2 W.U sets and 1-2x Working sets) with 8-12 reps followed with Skull Crushers with also same sets as before.

Pilates and Yoga for 1 hour

Day two:

It is for the back with Wide Grip Pull-ups/Lat Pulldowns, Deadlifts, Barbell Bent Over Row with 3-4 sets (2 x warm up 1-2x Working sets), 8-12 reps and then rest for 2

Bicep Curls (barbell) with 2-4 sets (1-2x warm up 1-2x Working sets), 8-12 reps

and then stretch

Day three:

For the legs: Squats or Leg Press, Romanian Deadlift, Seated Calf Raises, with 4 sets (2x Warm up 2 x Working) for 8-12 reps and rest for 2 min

For the shoulder: Dumbell or Barbell Press and Upright Rows with 3-4 sets (2 x warm up 1-2x Working sets), 8-12 reps and then rest for 2 min.

And then yoga for 1 hour.

Repeat to day one after this.

So this is what Vin Diesel work out look like (sort of)... either this or because He play World Of Warcraft that make him big and strong like that.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Celebirites main secret

From all the post that I have done I notice that all celebrities has something in common which is their goal... their profesional carrer is based on how they look and if they mess up in keeping their body in shape is the same as ruining their carrer.

So the key to have body like a celebrities is the why... why you want to have great body? why do you need to have a great body? Actor and actress life depend on it... how about you?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rosie Huntington Weight Secret

Okay I admit that Rosie Huntington has the most perfect body in the world. I mean I can look at that body all day long, talk about yawwiee...

But what is her secret anyway? How can she has that awesome body? The answer is organic living...

See more videos on

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Taylor Swift Exercise And Diet

Taylor Swift, this great artist has its way on keeping her good shape. And the best part about Taylor Swift exercise and diet is not too rigorous, it is the healthiest way to lose and maintain your weight.

Diet, she only eat healthy food like nut, fish, veggies, and fruit. Very nice for your body.

Exercise, she's not too fan of exercise. Sometimes she do yoga and pillates. But most of the time she jog at her home with treadmill.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jessica Alba Weight

After having her child, Honor Marie in june 2008. Jessica Alba confess that she wear girdle to cope with the figure.

She confess that she couldn't take the stress of exercise after having labour. She said giving labour is much more easier than work out.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Asthon Kutcher Weight Loss Secret

Ashton Kutcher just admit that he has to eat one meal a day in order to lose weight for the upcoming movie spread.

This has been a challenge for him because he just gain weight due to his previous role movie personal effect.

So after gaining some weight, he now has to lose it again. A very unhealthy move if we might said because starvation mode to lose weight is certainly would make many problem.

But then he has succeded to lose some weight, right now his weight is about 175 pounds.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Will Smith Exercise and 3 Body Changes

Will Smith has great body in the movie I am legend, but his body doesn't always like that. He has change his body three times for three different movie. the first one in the left is from the movie Ali, now you can see that he has to gain weight to make body like that. Will smith in the movie Ali gain weight from 185 to 210 pound. In the middle is from the movie irobot, the body fat as you can see is much little because he want to burn more fat, from 12% body fat to 7.5% body fat youchh...

But personally I prefer him in the third movie I am legend, that body is perfect because its not to big and not to small. And all he got to do in this movie is lose weight, and he said that he has much more easier time losing weight than gaining weight.